X404 Protocol
Unlock ERC404 on all chains
ERC721 to ERC404
BRC20 to ERC404
A growing XRGB ecosystem
XRGB Labs pioneers on the RGB network, aiming to revolutionize digital assets by integrating Bitcoin into Layer 2 solutions for enhanced scalability, speed, and cost-efficiency.XRGB Launchpad and XRGB Swap together form a comprehensive ecosystem that nurtures creativity and facilitates seamless digital asset exchange on the RGB network.
XRGB 404
Assets from the Bitcoin network can be seamlessly transferred to ERC404 standard tokens and NFTs.
RGB Launchpad
XRGB web wallet provides utility tools to facilitate the launch of RGB20 & RGB21 assets.
XRGB Protocol
XRGB protocol provides an interoperability mechanism designed for Bitcoin assets and layer2s.
XRGB Chain
XRGB L2 chain implemented the XRGB protocol and introduced the enhanced transactional privacy of RGB protocol.
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